A downloadable game

This is the game "Shape Escape!" written in BASIC for the 48K ZX Spectrum.

Use the keys Q, A, O and P to complete the 5 levels, eradicating on-screen shapes whilst managing your power gauge.  

"Shape Escape!" served as my entry to a ZX Spectrum BASIC "speed game" competition that was run (mostly) during October 2019.   The definition of a "speed game" is that one or more keys needs to be pressed repeatedly to progress.

v1.4 includes all bug fixes.  The game is given away - free.  It is supplied as a .tap file.

Install instructions

Game requires the following to play:
- A ZX Spectrum 48K or better.
- A ZX Spectrum emulator (e.g. FUSE, Spectaculator).


ShapeEscape V1-4.tap 11 kB